M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetic (University of Bedfordshire UK), Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc) Post Graduate Diploma in Law Nutrition Advocacy Advisor (Secretariat of the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance Myanmar, SUN CSA Myanmar)

There were many exciting moments during my days with STI Myanmar University as a student chosen the first class of the first formal nutrition education program in Myanmar. I must appreciate STI Myanmar University for their great efforts in creating an effective learning environment even though in-country resources are still very limited.

One vivid memory is visiting hospitals in Bangkok to learn how nutrition and dietetic services are being delivered there. My two weeks' time at Rama Hospital, although it was pretty short and only hospital that I visited, was the most impressive. It was very inspiring to see the dietitian team of the hospital is managing the services to make sure every individual patient gets their daily nutritional needs. I still have an indescribable feeling whenever I recall the memory of witnessing the kindness offering by the Royal Family and Thai leaders to their own people at the Rama Hospital.

I just want to leave a message "Nutrition is everyone's business. More investments in nutrition is critically needed– but in a right way."