Diploma in TESOL

Diploma in TESOL in Myanmar

The Diploma is TESOL is specifically targeted at those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. It combines academic study, teaching and teacher management. It also provides you with the proper tools needed to help you embark on your career as an English teacher or, for experienced teachers, it gives you the chance to enhance your teaching skills and to obtain a recognised qualification for career advancement.

Learning Outcome

The composition of this course is based upon the attributes that an effective employee, or a graduate, should ideally have:

📌Developed personal skills with both the confidence and ability to express their creativity both individually and as part of a team;
📌Gained the ability to promote a responsible, professional attitude towards the selection and use of aids and skills within team based contexts;
📌Had an in-depth understanding of teaching knowledge and to develop their critical awareness of new emerging case studies in teaching environment;
📌Developed a comprehensive awareness of the wider cultural, social, political, economic and ethical implications in schools and teaching organizations;
📌Applied comprehensively their knowledge and skills to a piece of work as skilful teachers through the Practicum to reflect the programme being studied.

📌be competent speakers of English
📌a recognized bachelor degree with credits in English (or) recognized diploma with 3 year teaching experience
📌 have obtained equivalent qualification, IELTS Band 6.5 or TOEFL 600


Applicants with other entry qualifications will be assessed individually by the Course co-ordinator for recognised prior learning (RPL). This might include applicants with complete or partially complete other professional qualifications.


📌Language Theory,
📌Language Teaching Methodology
📌Linguistics & Language Teaching
📌Classroom Planning & Organization,


📌Assessments There are a total of 4 written modular examinations and practicum assessment.
📌All written examination conducted are open-book. Students are allowed to bring in their course notes, textbook and other materials to the examination hall during examination.
📌The duration of each written modular examination is 3 hours with a 10 minutes perusal. During the perusal, the students are allowed to make note only on the examination question paper.

2,900,000 MMK (Course Fees may change without prior notice)