STI's excellent reputation has been achieved through its good knowledge of the various market segments and by providing proven quality education to develop the Myanmar's most valuable human assets. We offer Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and 'Teachers' Training qualification. Our program include Bachelor in Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, International Business, Master of Financial Services, Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administrator and Master of Education. While Our Teacher Training Programs include Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers (TEYLT), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Post Graduate Leading and Managing for Effective Education, Post Graduate Child Development and Post Graduate Learning, Curriculum and Assessment. Each course program is carefully designed to provide the students with the intellectual foundations necessary to expose them to current knowledge that will help them build successful future and careers with greater community service. Our students are part of our local community with the belief of giving back to the society and they are given the opportunities for the realization of their belief.

    BA (Hons) Accounting

  • <p>The degree course for you if you seek a career in accountancy or an accounting function in business, and offers the maximum ACCA exemptions availab

    BA (Hons) Business Administration

  • <p>A Degree Program awarded by University of Bedfordshire for students who want to get a strong foundation in business management and get a head start

    BBA in Management

  • <p>A Degree Program in partnership with the Open University of Hong Kong for students wanting a professional qualification in business management. Thi

    Diploma in Finance and Banking (DFB)

  • <p>The objective of this program is to provide students the requisite foundation for a career in finance and banking. It introduces financial manageme

    Diploma in Business Management (DBM)

  • <p>This program is specifically targeted for students whose aim as entry level executives or managers in government body as well as private and public

    BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

  • <p>BEng(Hons)Civil Engineering degree programme produces industry-ready civil engineers. It incorporates key aspects of civil engineering such as mate

    BEng (Hons) Architectural Engineering

  • <p>BEng ( Hons ) Architectural Engineering degree program prepares the students with principles and practise used in structures, designs, environmenta

    BSc (Hons) Construction Management

  • <p>BSc (Hons) Construction Management degree program provides with essential skills and knowledge that the current industry is expecting from the cons

    BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering

  • <p>BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering degree program develops fundamental theoretical knowledge and industry-related skills in electronics, signal pro

    MSc(Nutrition & Dietetics)

  • <p>This program aims to produce competent dieticians who can apply their knowledge and skills in health promotion, in the management of under and over

    MSc (Public Health)

  • <p>This course focuses students to develop practical and critical public health skills, underpinned by a sound understanding of associated theories. O

    Certificate in TEFL

  • Certificate in TEFL is intended for trainees who wish to embark on a career in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language. This is a programme g

    Certificate in TEYLT

  • The TEYLT programme imparts skills and knowledge needed to effectively teach English to young learners (aged 4 to 11 years) and teenagers (aged 12 t

    Diploma in TESOL

  • The Diploma is TESOL is specifically targeted at those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. It combines academic

    MEd ( Master of Education )

  • This programme is intellectually challenging and adheres to international standards. Graduates should be able to critically review and evaluate knowle

    MA Applied Linguistics (TEFL)

  • The MA in Applied Linguistics (TEFL) offers an advanced level professional qualification for practising and aspiring teachers of English, but also