Master of Science in Public Health

(MSc Public health)

Programme Description

Public health has become a significant focus of government plans worldwide, initiating developments at both national and local level within multiple health care settings.

This program aims applicants with or without a medical background, who wish to develop a career in public health to progress further in this area. It has been designed to build their existing professional knowledge and expertise on Public Health.

On completion of the course, students will be enabled as a Member of theUK Royal Society for Public Health

(i)Professional Perspective

This program focuses students to develop practical and critical public health skills, underpinned by a sound understanding of associated theories. On completion of the course, students will be enable their potential impacts on further health policy development and implementation in local, national and global perspective.

(ii)Teaching strategy

The course curriculum focuses on the applied principle of public health relevant to students; utilization of case -studies from different part of the world.
Teaching strategy designed the students to develop skills in a range of public health techniques via the assessments. Students will be required to do Action Plan. For instant: writing a public health report; develop a public health research proposal; design a public health poster
Each assessment will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to critically understand and evaluate complex public health issues.

(iii)High quality learning management

The course deploys lectures, seminar discussions, presentations, small group tutorials, case studies and individual report. Students will also be engaged in virtual learning management system where e-learning, discussions and assessment are incorporated.

Career Opportunities

There is a wide range of career opportunities in the area of public health including public health specialist, public health advisor, public health researcher, epidemiologist, lecturer in public health, project manager and project coordinator, to name a few. The examples of work places are research projects and health care facilities, health screening and preventive health care facilities, health promotion campaigns of governmental and non- governmental organizations.

Progression Pathway

-This course will provide ground for further doctoral and subsequent post doctoral studies in various universities around the world.
-Successful completion of this course provides some basic grounding for the UK Faculty of Public Health Part I examination.

Duration of Study

The normal duration of study for the program is 18 to 24 months. Students are expected to complete courses as below:

Each unit is designed to develop public health skills in which are directly relevant to the workplace.

Program Structure

Principles, policies and issues in public health (15 credits)
Public health research methods (15 credits)
Epidemiology in public health (15 credits)
Ethical and legal issues in public health And social care (15 credits)
Public health intelligence (15 credits)
Health care commissioning (15 credits)
Public health protection (15 credits)
Health and social care inequalities (15 credits)

-Students need to submit a Dissertation.(60 credits)

Entry Requirements

Any graduates can apply this program.

Conferment of Award

Upon successful completion of all prescribed courses, students will be granted the Master degree awarded by University of Bedfordshire (UK).


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