Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

MSc (Nutrition and Dietetics)

Program Description

     This course focuses on the development of high level knowledge and understanding of nutrition and dietetics that can be applied to range of contexts such as health promotion, management of under and over-nutrition and supporting those with disease-related nutrition problems. As part of the course you get the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in hospitals and clinics in Myanmar or Thailand.
     Graduates from this course will have the opportunity to apply for member of Association for Nutrition (AfN) UK.

(i) Professional Perspective
     This program help students to develop good character, responsibility, strong moral and ethical convictions and to offer individual patients theoretically approved dietary counseling to successfully resolve nutrition –related health problems.

(ii)National Perspective
     This course aims to develop many trained professionals who can guide our people on their particular needs in nutrition as well as in management of their diseases.

(iii)High quality learning management
     The course deploys lectures, seminar discussions, presentations, small group tutorials, case studies and work placement. Students will also be engaged in virtual learning management system where e-learning, discussions and assessment are incorporated.

Career Opportunities

  1. Dietitian/nutritionist in a hospital, health institute, food service industry, health and fitness centres, food and nutrition-related industries, or relevant government ministries
  2. Researcher in an academic institution, research facility, food industry, or hospital
  3. Consultants to public and private agencies, international agencies, research projects, health promotion units, and food and nutrition-related industries
  4. Freelance Dietitian or food related business owner

Progression Pathway

    Doctoral degree in Nutrition and Dietetics
    Doctoral degree in Food Science

Entry Requirements

     Any candidates holding a bachelor degree in Medical and Health Science-related field can directly join the program.
     Holder of any bachelor degree other than medical or health science related subject needs to take a 3-month bridging course prior to the program.

English Language Requirement
    -IELTS 6 with no band lower than 5.5

Duration of Study

     The normal duration of study for the program is one and a half to two years including work placement. The classes will be held in weekends.

Conferment of Award

     Upon successful completion of all prescribed courses, students will be granted the Master degree awarded by University of Bedfordshire (UK).

MSc (Nutrition and Dietetics)

Intermediate Qualification(s)
     Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
     Postgraduate Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

Program Structure

     Bridging Course (Non-Health Science related degree holder)
  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Biochemistry

Course Structure

Unit Name Credits Core or option MSc PG Dip PG Cert
First Year, First Semester
Nutrient Metabolism 15 C Yes Yes Yes
Food Science 15 C Yes Yes Yes
Nutrition Assessment 15 C Yes Yes Yes
Research Methods 15 C Yes Yes No
First Year, Second Semester
Applied Nutrition and Dietetics 15 C Yes Yes Yes
Therapeutic Nutrition 30 C Yes Yes No
Ethics, Nutrition Education and Professional Skills 15 C Yes Yes No
Second Year
Work Placement 0 C Yes Yes No
Research Project 60 C Yes No No

Work Placement (hospitals in Bangkok and private hospitals, poly-clinics, health and fitness centers in Yangon)

Name Duration
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in Weight Management and Diabetes Mellitus 72 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular Diseases 72 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in Kidney/ Liver/ Gastrointestinal 72 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in HIV/AIDS Patients and Cancer 36 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in Critical Illness 36 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in Pregnant Women and Children 36 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in the Elderly 36 hours
Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in Sports and Fitness 72 hours

Research Project must be submitted not later than one month before the end of the course


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