Master of Business Administration

(MBA Hospital and Health Services Management)

Programme Description

This program supports the students' personal and professional skills and knowledge underpinned by latest research in management, innovation and change in business environment which is essential to future career.
Students will have the opportunity to learn about hospital and health services management systems theoretically and practically including medical needs, resources, inter-organizational structures, perspectives on health care and health policy. Students also have to learn business courses which can develop in decision making, leadership, strategic management and marketing concepts.

(i)Professional Perspective
This degree aims to enhance the students' professional prospects by developing their capability to apply the latest thinking relating to organizational development and change in the global context. The students are expected to be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of organization in which they operate and how they are managed.

(ii)Teaching strategy
Understanding theory is not enough on this program; aims to understand how it applies in real organization. The degree will be a challenging learning experience integrating theory and practice throughout the course. Students are given many case studies to explore in depth to appreciate management practice.

(iii)High quality learning management
The course deploys lectures, seminars, discussions, presentations, tutorials, case studies and preparation for assessments. Students will also be engaged in virtual learning management system where e-learning, discussions and assessment are incorporated.

Career Opportunities

There is a wide range of career opportunities in administration and management practices as in hospitals, poly-clinics, health care management organizations, rehabilitation and nursing care centres. This course can support career success in strategic management and leadershipas achief executive officer, director of healthcare marketing, hospital administrator, medical superintendent, health analytic director, department or division director, hospital manager, assistant or associate hospital administrator, to name a few.

Duration of Study

The normal duration of study for the program is 18 to 24 months. Students are expected to complete courses as below:

Program Structure

  • Leading and Managing Organisational Resources (30 credits)

  • Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment (30 credits)

  • Digital Technology Management (30 credits)

  • Managing Modern Healthcare Organisations (30 credits)

There are projects which are designed to assess the students to consider their developments and what they have learnt into practice once they join an organization.

  • Management practice (15 credits)

  • Theory into practice project (45 credits)

Entry Requirements

-Any candidates holding a bachelor degree
-For those without Bachelor degree; Any Diploma holders with 3 years work experience at Executive level in any related field

Conferment of Award

Upon successful completion of all prescribed courses, students will be granted the Master degree awarded by University of Bedfordshire (UK).


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